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Advergaming, or game advertising is the way in which we achieve the impact of the message and/or values of the brand or the product lasts longer, as playing a videogame requires an active attitude and being responsive to stimuli from the game itself.

At Carbonbyte we work with the brand or agency to achieve, in the case of the advertising game, a fun and memorable experience for the users, that improves their relationship with the brand.

Highlighted case


Customer: Rodilla




Game developed for Rodilla restaurants, with characters based on their famous sandwiches. Focused to entertain the young.


The game is the runner kind in which players must get the highest score possible.


In addition it uses Augmented Reality to unlock new characters by scanning the trading cards that are available in the restaurants.

From the trading card to the videogame!

La Pandilla Rodilla


Scanning the trading cards, available in the restaurants, we unlock new characters in the game.


From the trading card to the videogame!



Some history..



The advertising game is not a new idea, it has been a long time with us already. Although it has never been a boom, if it is an attractive product, especially for the young


It has always fascinated me the case of this advergame: Captain Novolin, for the Super Nintendo, launched in late 1992.

The experts in the matter (or the oldest people around) know this game as the WORST VIDEOGAME EVER.

The brand behind the game is Novo Nordisk insulin manufacturers, and the game puts you in the role of a diabetic super hero who must avoid enemies in shapes of food and answer questions about diabetes.

From the outside it may seem a joke but, What was the opinion of the target audience? Surely 6 to 8 years old children with a lot of doubts about his new situation.

As a child gamer I have spent great moments with games that seemed rubbish to other children (maybe they were not the target?)

Without further data, launching a videogame like this nowadays seems to me a brave and sensible movement

With better results, or at least with less negative reviews, games like ZOOL (lollipops) Cool Spot (7up) or Doritos, maybe because they are much easier products to handle. And we are talking about video games for home consoles, but in the case of mobile gaming we can find many examples of good and bad publicity game. Often burdened by too low budgets.

At Carbonbyte we work with the brand or agencies to achieve, in the case of the advertising game, a fun and memorable experience for the user, that improves the relationship with the brand, and in the case of the apps. that they are useful and can generate a benefit to the brand.

In any case, as I mentioned earlier, is not a good idea to have a "corporate" APP just for having it, and at Carbonbyte we will try to help them get a remarkable result.

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