Mobile lab:  Augmented reality business cards


A little ago, and because we've changed our offices, we had to change our business cards. We took the opportunity to modify the design, and now the back side of the card is customized with the pixel version of ourselves.

People like it because they seem trading cards

But the big surprise comes when we show them that focusing the card with the mobile phone, the pixel characters come to life!

It is definitely a good example of well used augmented reality, just look at the faces of people who have tried it!


For our customers it seems an interesting option to interact with packaging or a printed ad (which hides a surprise or you can simply rotate a product for examination).Thousands of possibilities!


We present you this little video, that is deliberately not modified, to clarify how it works:


Download our app and focus one of our cards, or a printed copy of any of the card designs you have above (if you click on the image you will open a bigger version).

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