Easy and fast puzzle videogame, with friendly characters, and free!


Play with Drop Fever's friendly characters. A puzzle videogame similar to the classics (Tetris Attack, Pokemon Puzzle League ...

An absorving and fast game suitable for any time and place.


Swap the tokens in an horizontal shape and join at least 3 chips of the same kind to make them disappear.


Try to perform combos of 4 or more tokens or chain moves for extra bonuses!.

··· Collect all of the characters and tokens! ···

Once you finish each match, all of your points will be converted into coins, that can be used to buy characters and tokens in the shop




The special bar (on the right side of the screen) grows every time a token is cleared


If you fill it up you will duplicate the points you achieve for a limited time!



Carbonbyte is a study of games and apps that is mainly dedicated to developing projects on demand. Our main customers are marketing agencies. But occasionally we have some time to develop small games and own projects, and this is how Drop Fever was born.


The challenge was to create a game based on the classic Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack, puzzle league ...) because it is a game we've spent much time on consoles like Nintendo DS, SNES ... and we found that there was no game for smartphones or tablet based on these mechanic that were of our liking.


As you can see we do not hide our influences or brag of being the only puzzle game with this mechanic, but in a very short development time (two months) and just 2 people dedicated to it there is not much scope for larger projects :)

Nightly sketching, that classic LOL

Whilst the gameplay was clear, there wanted to design some characters. Even though they are not really important to the gameplay, it's always nice to see your creatures on screen, call it ego if you like, but in the end it is another appeal of the game: the aesthetic exceeds the average of this type games (for a small study).


The characters emerged freely, without worrying about whether a hominid plant and an unicorn using a monocle could live in the same world!




For this project,we didn't worry to have a very elaborated 2D sketches before going to 3D modeling, because the idea was clear in our heads. We wouldn't have a character concept validation process, and we our time was short. Our target: design, model, texturize, rig and animate 4 characters. And of course, all the 2D backgrounds and UI elements. Designing tokens, buttons, general aesthetics... We had to hurry!

Frank Flowers in the making

An early sketch of Justin the unicorn

Reading up to texturize

There was only one exception / self-censorship. In the end the game didn't ship with this character inspired on Kim Jong-Un... "Kimi"
Maybe somewhere in the future we will see him in action...

Related to programming, we decided to develop the game using Unity, because of its easy process of building for the different platforms. Of course Unity has some other inconvenients, but in general we believe is a great tool to work with.

Funny moment whilst skinning Cindy. Like Assassin's Creed Unity

About monetization, we still have much to learn, and we'll learn on our successes and failures, studying the analytics there are many ideas to try, but we need to go step by step. We'll talk about these someday.


About the future of the game, our plan is to keep updating contents and characters, tokens, game modes, sharpen the gameplay. And like the monetization, we'll talk about it someday on a post-mortem

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