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Background: "AA" Red cross campaign



In 2009 Red Cross launched the "AA" campaign. that aimed at ensuring that mobile phone users include in its agenda the contact "AA" followed by the name of the person you should contact in an emergency.





Due to the proliferation of so-called smartphones, expensive devices with a high performance, users tend to protect their phones with lock codes that avoid access to their functionalities, including the agenda. This is an added difficulty in an emergency and slows the identification of the person and family tracing for proper care.


Therefore, we can conclude that the Red Cross "AA" campaign is OBSOLETA

EmergenciAPP ID: the core idea



In Carbonbyte we are convinced that if we can develop apps that can really help people, we will.


A couple of years ago we heard a tragic event that could happen to anyone, a young lad went out to play sports on the street, and fainted, unfortunately he died. This young man left out without any documentation and the police took about 3 hours to identify and notify the family.


We really don't know, but its highly possible he took his mobile phone with him when he leaved.

Our solution



EmergenciAPP ID is an application that can be installed on a large number of devices (every android) and provides the information you consider is necessary in case of a medical emergency.


Also it does not allow you to access the inner information in the device as it is a previous screen that appears without unlocking it.

"To use EmergenciAPP you don't need to be an expert in new technologies, simply download the application and fill in the details you consider appropriate"



"This is an app aimed at people of all ages, but its use is especially important in children and eldery as an extra precaution in difficult situations."

Get Emergenciapp


EmergenciAPP ID is an app you can get in various flavours:



LITE version is FREE

although a banner will be shown on the upper side of the screen that in no case will hinder the use of the app.


Download it from:


PREMIUM version is available for only 0.99€

Download it from:


Other options to get EmergenciAPP ID are downloading the custom versions created for our clients, for example the APP Invoasistencia, for the Diputación de Salamanca

The advantage of making available to your users an app like this was very clear to the "Department of Social Welfare of the Diputación de Salamanca"

· First of all, because the target audience is the ideal.


· The APP values are consistent with those of the entity.


· The end user of the APP associates the image of the Department of Social Welfare to a tool that may be very useful in case of an emergency.


· And at last, it is totally free, without ad banners, because the entity made it possible to the users.





Therefore we consider it is a great example of an app that connects with the user.



You can download it totally free:

Assistance Centers deputy Jose Maria Sanchez, Welfare congresswoman Eva Picado and our partner Juanma Zarza, in the presentation.

Why EmergenciAPP ID is not for iOS?



Apple does not allow developers access to certain features or use the phone, and it was not possible to develop for these devices.


In the new version of its operating system (iOS 8) users may establish a medical display user information, the steps are:


Access "Health" app for iOS 8.


Once inside, we see that there are four different tabs at the bottom of the screen: Board, Health Data, Sources and Health Information (Medical ID).


Select the "Medical Data" tab or Medical ID and a screen full of options will appear, that have to be completed with data such as our picture, name, date of birth, special medical cares, medical notes, allergic reactions, medications and who to contact in case of emergency.



Other methods for Android:


By default in some versions of android you can set a message on your lock screen. Less advanced users are often unaware of this option, and generally being so integrated into the design of the screen may go unnoticed, so we recommend the use of EmergenciAPP ID, but in any case the process is as follows:


Menu Settings / Security / Owner Information (check the "display data on the lock screen")

You can write a text that will appear on that screen.


You can also find APPS similar to ours, but they are normally more expensive, in other languages or difficult to use.


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