Support your country selection THE HARD WAY


Naranjeta, the most irreverent, non-official mascot arrives to give some "love" to the rest of rival selections. How many "goals" will Naranjeta be able to "score"?

Cheer up your selection "screwing" your rivals with the pimpest orange around... and, hey! if you hold your tap, Naranjeta will sing a long "ooooooo... lé!" :


Jokes is the collection of the most irrelevant and risky games we dare to do at Carbonbyte.


We don't care if you find it inadequate. If we think the sound of a fart is funny, why not to laugh about it?


Jokes is plain and simple humour. Our only interest is that the word and laugh is spread "Have you seen the last hilarious app these people made?"

If we achieve to make you smile, we consider ourselves paid enough!



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