Indie videogame studio:

Own videogames and projectss

In the little time between a project and another, we develop small games, sometimes nothing more than prototypes and sometimes we work on them to finalize and launch.


Our own projects are open to be sponsored or sold to third our customers. If you are interested in any of these options,

talk to us.


On the other hand we seek funding for some projects we have designed but have not seen the light of the day yet, because they are long term projects.


Some of our own games are

Drop Fever


Easy and fast puzzle videogame, with friendly characters, and free!

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One Chance Dungeon


Who will reach deeper into the dungeon? Be careful, you only have one chance to hit the target!

Racing Game


Own project still under development

[More info soon...]


Pixel Axe


Crossy Goat


The craziest goat with his inseparable friend "gipsy" How many jumps will you do before falling


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Reyes Magos vs Bad Santa


Help the three Wise Men avoid the dangerous christmas bombs and reach the Nativiy Scene with your load untouched

Pirate Project


More details soon



Naranjito's thug cousin makes its appearance in the Brazil World Cup and has its own forecast of Spain showdown with other selections.


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