“La Pandilla Rodilla” arrives to your mobile phone!

New characters land on your smartphone thanks to RODILLA. They are “La Pandilla Rodillaand you will find their game in the android and iOS store.


The game is a fun and crazy race inside a Rodilla store, with the objective to reach the highest score possible without crashing into the obstacles.


Easy peasy, isn't it?


··· Many unlockable characters and Augmented Reality trading cards ···

In the Rodilla restaurants you'll find our trading cards containing all of the characters in the gang. You can choose to just play with the trading cards to a funny "stone, paper and scissors" game …


But there are some special GOLDEN cards that may be scanned with your mobile phone to unlock those characters in the videogame!


Besides seeing them come to life in the palm of your hand!.




At Carbonbyte we thank Rodilla and The Blend agency for trusting in us for developing this campaign that is focused on the young, and we wish them the best luck with their advergame :)




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