Video of some of our videogame projects

This is a brief demonstration of the main activities of our studio


Contact with us if you have any question or you would like us to take care of your project.

Advertising APPS


We work side by sidw with marketing agencies and end customers, creating and developing APPs that transmit the users the value of the brand.



Advertising Videogame: Advergaming


A good advergaming sets a long exposition of the brand and its message, either to get user loyalty or to achieve specific campaign objectives. We develop and advice brands and agencies.





· Art

The expertise of our artists is also at the disposal of other developers and enterprises thanks to our Outsourcing service.

We recommend you to visit our ART section for some examples of our work.



· Programming

You have the art for your game or app and you only need the programming side? Contact us.




Porting games to mobile platforms


We offer this special service to developers who wish to move their videogames to iOS and/or android platform. We will take into account the complexity of the porting process and send you a tight estimate of the complete project.

Custom Videogames and APPS


We develop APPS and videogames on demand, not necessarily for advertising purposes, based on the needs of the customer.


Sponsorized own APPS and Videogames


We pay off our own projects sponsorizing our apps and games. It's an interesting solution for tight budgets.



Augmented reality APPS and Videogames


The best way to impact and amaze your audience

Discover how!


We offer the creation of games and attractive terminals for events, fairs, concerts, malls, hotels...


Any place is suitable to convert it into a game!


We create unique and funny experiences for the visitor, mobile to big screen interaction, etc..

These projects usually take place within a mall campaign or street stall. Their objective seeks notoriety , entertain, etc...



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