Our customers are Marketing Agencies, big and small, brands, local businesses and even other developers and studios.

We have been developing mobile projects for more than 8 years. Since J2ME ages, and living the birth of android and iOS, being pioneers on their development.


Once finished our phase as creative, design and programming managers, working in different businesses related to the app and videogames development, mobile marketing, advertising, advergames, etc... we decided to found our own company being true to our principles: Honesty, passion and commitment.

Some history...



The first thing we did since Carbonbyte foundation was launching MyAppRank. It's a simple app that lets the users know the time they spend on their favourite games and apps, showing a ranking with the most used apps and games. Simple and unique, MyAppRank has appeared on the most influential spanish media.

When christmas came, we thought it would be a great move to contact former clients and agencies to let them know the beginning of our new phase as Carbonbyte and offering our services. To do so, we developed the videogame “Reyes Magos vs Bad Santa”, being sure it would attract their attention aswell as be a great christmas card.


Besides, they also received a mountable nativity scene ;)

In the next months new projects began to appear, some of them big, some of them small. We continued building relationships with agencies, brands, and other customers, and launching some small products that helped us fathom the market.


Another good news was to be among the 10 selected projects in the ADE 2020 call (Innovation Business Accelerator in Castilla y León).


ADE 2020 mission is to help the entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the market in shortest time possible, solving the problem of turning a project into a real business oportunity.

In the summer of 2013 we established our office in the Parque Cientifico of the University of Salamanca, which facilities greatly met our needs and allowed us to put ourselves on the map of technology companies in the region, while creating synergies with other companies.

At this moment we keep on launching our own projects and developing apps and games on demand. A proof of it are the launches of videogames like Drop Fever, Crossy Goat, Pixel Axe, One Chance Dungeon... A great app for the Social Wellness Area of the Diputación de Salamanca, and some projects more.

In March it was confirmed that our Augmented Reality project for 3D printers assembly (ARAG3DP) made it through the first round of the fabulous accelerator program, as part of the FIWARE European Commission project.

Therefore, our daily life is full of projects, and we are glad it is and be able to create increasingly relevant, or at least entertaining, products for the user (which is not an easy concern) :)

This is roughly our history, next we introduce our great team of professionals and better people:

Juanma Zarza

Creativity and design


10 years of experience working on various branches of graphic design, animation, illustration... always in a constant learning process.

From 2007 to 2013 he was the head of the art department of Unkasoft, where he developed videogames and apps since the first java mobile phones to the new smartphones.

Concept and design of  Mom´s shopping list for the Google Android Developers Challenge 2009, teamed up with Félix Lopez. The project ranked between the 20 finalists of the Lifestyle category among over 50.000 contestants worldwide.

Jorge M. Hernández

Illustration and design


Vocational illustrator and animator for over 10 years.


In 2010 he joined the art team at Unkasoft, where he worked as a all-around artist, either designing apps and videogames or creating and animating characters.

Alfredo J. Villarino

Programming iOS / Android


Engineering in Computer Systems, videogames lover and avid seeker of challenges.

Proof of it are his 10 years of experience in the field of software development, where he worked on videogames and apps for many platforms (J2ME, Android, iOS, Unity...).


In Carbonbyte he has seen the oportunity to experience and reach new professional challenges.

Manuel Reyes

Programming Android / Web


Technical Engineering and Graduated in Computer Systems, passionate and under constant formation.

Enthusiast, pushing, perfectionist and demanding.




Miquel Ferrer

Programming Unity / Android


8 years as working as graphic designer and another 8 as videogame programmer.


It serves as a technical artist, expert in Unity and Android programmer.


Video game enthusiast and lover of everything that smells like new.


Team background


The accumulated experience allowed us to work in thousands of projects of many kinds, and for all kind of brands. Here you have a small selection of projects we developed in our previous phases or working for others:

Pleased to meet you

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