Case Studies

  • PixelAxe

    Pixel Axe

    Extend your axe and destroy the enemies with an accurate hit!go to the top rank!

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  • OneChangeDungeon

    One Change Dungeon

    Aim your bow and try to hit the diamonds to the next level.

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  • Timeline Trip Edinburgh circle

    Timeline Trip Edinburgh

    Travel through time and get to know Edinburgh in a different way. Find out how the city has evolved and why it is a World Heritage.

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  • Timeline Trip London

    Timeline Trip London

    Travel through time and get to know London in a different way. Find out how the city has evolved, where missing buildings were and how others have changed.

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  • emergencyAPP circle


    Health emergencies can occur at any time, and we will not always be with company. In an emergency information is vital in those first moments.

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  • Crossy goat

    Crossy Goat

    Crossy Goat the game of the Goat and the gipsy. Choose your goat and jump between hills. How many jumps can you do? this game is not like Crossy Road.

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  • my_app_rank_circle

    My App Rank

    MyAppRank, a simple app that allows the user to know how long have they invested in their favourite games and apps, establishing a ranking over time. Simple and unique.

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  • reyes_magos_vs_bad_santa_circle

    Reyes Magos vs Bad Santa

    Help Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar jump dangerous bombs and get to the manger in Bethlehem with the gifts intact.

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  • twinsprite_circle

    Twinsprite SDK

    SDK development for Android/ iOS / Unity for our then customer, who is now our partner, Twinsprite.

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  • vih_quiz_circle


    A quiz game exclusively for medical professionals. The questions are related to the contents and advances presented at major world conferences on HIV.

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  • findmily_circle


    Your family more united.
    Has Mary arrived home from school? Is Laura still at work? Is today the day when john goes to the gym?
    Simple questions. Answers with just a brief glimpse.

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  • naranjeta_circle


    Uncouth Naranjito´s cousin makes his appearance in the world cup in Brazil and has his own forecast about Spain matches.

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  • Drop fever carbonbyte

    Drop Fever

    FREE quick and easy puzzle game with funny characters. Play with the characters of Drop Fever, a game in the style of the classic panel pon, Tetris Attack, Pokemon, Puzzle League…

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